June of 2003



Another "How to" page.






Making shoe inserts.





Negatives are made of the feet.





"Positive," after the negative is pulled off.



A Piece of conduit with a bend in the end is placed inside to hold



the positive in the vise for application of leather and fiberglass insert.







Positive is cleaned up and a high arch is added.





Stirrups are checked for ankle clearance and fit.





Leather is wet molded to the plaster positive.





Stirrup on top of dry wet molded leather.



First coat of resin is applied.



That is an old shoe plate in the background



that these new plates will replace.








Finished shoe plates,, not very pretty, but they work fine.








Grinders and braces



The inserts are inside the above shoes.








Sighting for June 2003








The minute you look the other way, they're gone.
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